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Save a Child's Life

Thalassemia is a blood disorder that passed down through families in which the body makes an abnormal form of hemoglobin.

As per health experts around 5000 Children are diagnosed every year in Pakistan with this deadly disease. The treatment of Thalassemia is expensive as it include frequent Blood transfusion and medicine to control the levels.

HELP International Welfare Trust (HIWT) has been providing 100% free of Cost treatment to the Thalassemia Children. We started off with less than 10 patients and now more than 230 Children are getting the treatment.

Thalassemia treatment is a long term commitment and support, not just we provide blood transfusion and medicine the patients which come to us from far places get Food & Transportation as well.

With your DONATION and SUPPORT the children are getting QUALITY treatment.

Everyday number of new children come to us fighting with this disease and we need continuous FINANCIAL AID SUPPORT.
If you save the life of one Human You have saved the life of Whole Humanity

Lets Donate and save these children so they can also live happily like others.

Please share the video with your friends and family.

If you want to know more about the Help International Welfare Trust please visit at

Request to make your pledges to feed the poor fighting against COVID-19.

- Abdul Rauf Tabani, Chairman HIWT -
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5 Maqsood Farid $100.00

Yes, it is perfectly safe to donate online. We use a secured donation portal (PayPal Payment Gateway). However, it is recommended to proceed with the donation from your own PC and to avoid doing it from a public area.

We enforce a strict data protection policy and will never give nor sell any information regarding our donors to third parties.

Every donor/visitor is warmly welcomed to our center where they can meet and interact beneficiaries. You donation is making us strong and transparent as Every child is worth sacrifice.

Once you have finalized and confirmed the donation process, your donation will be wired to HIWT's Foreign Currency or Non-Foreign Currency bank account. Your donation will contribute to improving Thal Stars access to quality medical care in Pakistan. You will get an acknowledgment of your donation instantly after completion. Should that not happen, please write an email to and we will check on the status of your donation.



Save a Child's Life

With your DONATION and SUPPORT the children are getting QUALITY care.
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