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The Gift of Sight

Cataract remains the leading cause of blindness worldwide, accounting for nearly half (47.8 per cent or 17.7 million) of the cases. The treatment is surgical, a highly cost-effective intervention. Almost one in five people between the ages of 65 and 74 develop cataracts severe enough to reduce vision, and almost one in two people older than 75 years have this disease. A Global Action Plan 2014-2019 had been launched by the WHO following a resolution passed by the World Health Assembly in 2013. This global action plan identified cataract surgical rate as one of the three global monitoring indicators.rn

rnPakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world with a population exceeding 207 million. Still a developing country, Pakistan is listed in the category of *low-middle* income country according to World Bank income classification 2018. In Pakistan 80% of reversible blindness is caused by cataract and there are estimated to be 570,000 adults (225,000 men, 345,000 women) who are blind due to cataract, which is the most common cause (51.5%) of avoidable blindness in the country. The only treatment that provides a cure for cataracts is surgery.

It is planned that 5000 numbers of Free Cataract surgeries will be conducted for underserved population.

Yes, it is perfectly safe to donate online. We use a secured donation portal (PayPal Payment Gateway). However, it is recommended to proceed with the donation from your own PC and to avoid doing it from a public area.

We enforce a strict data protection policy and will never give nor sell any information regarding our donors to third parties.

Every donor/visitor is warmly welcomed to our center where they can meet and interact beneficiaries. You donation is making us strong and transparent as Every child is worth sacrifice.

Once you have finalized and confirmed the donation process, your donation will be wired to HIWT's Foreign Currency or Non-Foreign Currency bank account. Your donation will contribute to improving Thal Stars access to quality medical care in Pakistan. You will get an acknowledgment of your donation instantly after completion. Should that not happen, please write an email to and we will check on the status of your donation.


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The Gift of Sight

You can gift the sight of someone in need with your Donation.
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