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HIWT is an independent NGO (non-profit) registered in Karachi, Pakistan, UK and USA.

No. All HIWT services are 100% free of charge and are only available not only to Zakat eligible deserving ones but also other affected people. HIWT is a non-profit making organisation.

HIWT is available to anyone who wish for conducting humanitarian operations, raising funds and other volunteering works.

Yes, HIWT is available to all humanitarian organisations, corporates, national or international. We welcome and encourage thema all to join, donate and have special services such as training specifically dedicated to our needs.

HIWT currently has more than 650 organisational service users worldwide.

Beta Thalassaemia is one of the most commonly inherited disorders in the country, with a prevalence rate of 6 % in the Pakistani population. There are more than 50,000 Thalassaemia patients registered with associations and treatment centers all over the country.

Note: Thalassaemia associations in Pakistan have joined hands and formed a Federation by the name of Thalassaemia Federation of Pakistan

There are three types of Beta Thalassemia:

1. Thalassemia Minor
2. Beta Thalassemia Major
3. Thalassemia Intermedia

Specific treatment for Beta Thalassaemia major will be determined by doctor based on:

ⓘ Age, overall health, and medical history
ⓘ Extent of the disease
ⓘ tolerance for specific medications, procedures, or therapies
ⓘ Expectations for the course of the disease

ⓘ Get tested for Thalassemia before marriage.

ⓘ Counselling in families to marry outside as well.
ⓘ Urge goverment to implement Law to show his/her Thalassemia status before marriage.

Together we can achieve our mission to have a Thalassemia Major Free Pakistan:

ⓘ Spread awareness in youth in different sectors.
ⓘ Try to conduct sessions in slum areas.
ⓘ Encourage media to be a part of this mega campaign.
ⓘ Take advantage of social media to eradicate it.

Yes, organisation can collaborate with HIWT to supports its causes whether it's about Thalassemia Awareness, Conducting seminars, Awards and with their in kind or general donations.

ⓘ Improved Flexibility of the Organization.

ⓘ More Productive Meetings.

ⓘ Accelerated Working Velocity.

ⓘ Innovative Ideas.

ⓘ Better Alignment with Stakeholders.

ⓘ Enhanced Individual Productivity.

ⓘ Sharing Resources.

ⓘ Overcoming obstacles.

ⓘ Increased community awareness.

ⓘ Access to constituents and funding.

ⓘ Stability and information.

You can support us in our mission of offering marginalized Thal Stars (Thalassemia Patients) access to quality medical care by making a donation here. Our donation page provides several options tailored to your capabilities and wishes, be it a one-time donation, a recurring donation, a fundraiser if you want to crowdfund for us, etc. Apart from that, you can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and our Blog and spread the word about Thalassemia! Read the other questions of the FAQs for more detailed information about donations.

Every contribution irrespective of its size is important and goes a long way towards enabling HIWT to implement its programme and help Thal Stars making them happy to life. You are welcome to contribute according to your capacity and help us reach out to more Thalassemia Patients and create equal opportunities for all. However, we urge you to avoid making a donation of less than PKR 5000 as the processing costs make it unviable.

Once you have finalized and confirmed the donation process, your donation will be wired to HIWT's Foreign Currency or Non-Foreign Currency bank account. Your donation will contribute to improving Thal Stars access to quality medical care in Pakistan. You will get an acknowledgment of your donation instantly after completion. Should that not happen, please write an email to info@hiwt.org and we will check on the status of your donation.

Out of every money coin (in whichever currency) we receive from our donors, 85% is allocated to Thal Stars (Thalassemia Patients) treatment expenses. The rest of it covers administration and support costs (12%) and capital expenditure (3%), which are essential to uphold high quality standards in our mission towards their quality medical care.

Once a donation has been confirmed and completed, a refund or cancellation is not possible; nor can the end purpose be changed.

Yes, it is perfectly safe to donate online. We use a secured donation portal (PayPal Payment Gateway). However, it is recommended to proceed with the donation from your own PC and to avoid doing it from a public area.

We enforce a strict data protection policy and will never give nor sell any information regarding our donors to third parties.

As per Government regulations, it is mandatory for recipient organisations to maintain records of donors’ identity.

Every donor/visitor is warmly welcomed to our center where they can meet and interact beneficiaries. You donation is making us strong and transparent as Every child is worth sacrifice.

Yes, HIWT has a gift donation policy. you can come and celebrate with Thal Stars and distribute gifts among them to color their lives.

It is quicker, simpler and more convenient to make a donation through a credit card. In case you do not hold a credit card, you can make a cheque and courier it to our Head Office in Pakistan (425-B, Adamjee Nagar, K.C.H.S. near Bahadurabad Police Station, Dhoraji Colony Karachi - 75350), where it will be processed by our accounting staff. Include on a note your contact information (Name, Email and Mobile proof (if you wish to avail tax exemption you can) so that we can properly acknowledge your donation. Important: the option of sending a cheque is only available for donors from Pakistan.

HIWT is open to exploring new partnership opportunities with Pakistan or international corporations, foundations or other institutions. You can visit our website and write us an email using the provided contact information. Thank you for your interest!

HIWT is an Indian non-profit under Trust Act 1882 of the Pakistan and, hence, does not generate any profit itself. It relies completely on external grants and donations. Our pool of donors includes a large number of institutional funders, corporates, foundations, venture philanthropists as well as individual donors.

I’ve read all the FAQs but my question is still unanswered…

FAQs are split into six different sections: About Us, Our Program, and Donating. You can also find plenty of useful information by visiting our Website. However, in case you couldn’t get hold of what you were looking for, you can get in touch with us by writing to us at info@hiwt.org for general queries or at donate@hiwt.org for donation-related questions.