Message from the founder

The Founder & CEO

S. Arif Ali

S. Arif Ali believes in the great power of empathy and the ability of humans to transform the world into a better place for everyone, without any discrimination of class, race, religion or gender. It is with this belief that he started his social work in 1985, and then went on to establish Help International Welfare Trust (HIWT) in 1994 with a commitment to serve humanity however possible.

Alongside founding and running HIWT, Mr Arif has worked for several not-for-profit organisations, and has recently also founded Help Welfare Society, CSR Association of Pakistan and The CSR Journal.

In 2005, HIWT launched a countrywide campaign and started its Thalassemia Care Center in the heart of Karachi. This Thalassemia Care Center aims to make Pakistan a Thalassemia Major free country. In order to achieve this, HIWT has been working tirelessly to educate and treat underprivileged people, and currently has 260 registered thalassemia major patients who receive free blood transfusions, treatment, medicines and lab services.

S. Arif Ali and his wife Sumaira Arif have a shared vision of eliminating a number of social and medical problems from Pakistan, and to fully serve the underprivileged people across all provinces. Their passion for philanthropy can be summarised by their favourite quote, “the secret to living is giving”.