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About Zakat

Most important (The third pillar)

Zakat, meaning to purify, is the third pillar of Islam. It denotes the amount of wealth that a Muslim is obligated to pay to specific categories of underprivileged and disadvantaged people and it must be paid as long as the individual Muslim’s annual wealth exceeds a specific value (nisab).

Every sane, adult Muslim whose wealth exceeds the current nisab value must pay Zakat, which is usually 2.5% of the individual’s total wealth. Muslims with very little or no income, those who are new to Islam, in debt, stranded whilst travelling, working in the cause of Allah (SWT) or in bondage, in addition to those who administer Zakat, are all entitled to receive the benefits of the Zakat donations.

at Help International Welfare Trust

We take the responsibility of handling Zakat with earnest intent. We understand that when you give Zakat, you are not just being charitable – you are getting involved in an act of worship. Alhamdulillah with our exclusive service, your Zakat donation will reach those most in need, both fast and securely.

Our online resources will assist you calculate the exact amount of Zakat you owe and intend how best to give your Zakat through one of our many Zakat eligible programmes.

Our current project includes providing 100% free of cost quality medical care of our Thal Stars (Thalassemia Patients) in need. Take a look below and make your Zakat count to serve them.

Zakat Calculator

Give away your Zakat for the deserving ones...

Giving your Zakat with Help Internatioanl Welfare Trust not only allows you to fulfil your religious duty but also enables you to help out our most deserving Thal Stars (Thalassemia Patients). Your Zakat donations are handled with the significant of care to ensure they reach eligible recipients fast and securely. Utilising our Pakistan Zakat calculator, you can fast and easily work out exactly how much you need to pay.

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