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Blood for a Cause


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Community Projects

Charity / Sadaqah

Sadaqah, meaning charity, is the concept of voluntary giving.

169Days left
£81,772 Funded
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Emergency Flood Relief - 2022

Help your brothers & sisters affected by flood in Pakistan.

197Days left
£5,123 Funded
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Community Projects

Water for Everyone

Donate sadaqah on behalf of someone you love or have lost.

169Days left
£2,612 Funded

Mansoob & Co. (MnC)

A-3, 3rd Floor 78-C 11th Comm. Street, Phase II, DHA Karachi. Tel: 021-35881453, 35891755

A. D. Akhawala & Co.

Address: 321, 3Rd Floor, Uni Centre, I. I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi. Phone. 021-32411268, 32427857

Shariah Compliance

Mufti Hafiz Muhammad Shayan Khan looks after all the Shariah Matters of HIWT's Zakat/Donation etc.


All the news of HIWT's Events / Seminars published in different News Papers of Pakistan.

We are in 4 countries

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As you know that YOUR S_PPORT IS INCOMLETE WITHOUT U so can back our campaigns through giving away your Zakat / Donation to make a difference.

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